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Courtney / 24 / Texas
English Style Knitter / Yarnaholic
I've been knitting since August of 2010

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Currently on the Needles:
- Halloween Scarf
- Christmas Infinity Scarf
- Chunky Bulldogs Scarf
- Charcoal Ribbed Scarf for Mom
- Teal Fingerless Gloves
- Guacamole Fingerless Gloves
- Halloween Ruffle Scarf
- Purple Pastel Fingerless Gloves
- Lap Blanket for Granny
- Soap Sweaters for Doyle
- Hat & Fingerless Gloves for Cassie
- Christmas Legwarmers

Projects finished this year: 30

These are the baby blankets and hats my mother-in-law made for the future babies!

I am currently working on my own baby blanket project. I will post pictures soon!

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